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Snapchat is the latest online phenomenon, with over 50 million photos shared every day. It’s also one of social marketing’s untapped resources, here’s everything you need to know about fitting it into a marketing plan.

What Is It?

Snapchat is a simple app that lets you share photos with friends, quickly and easily, with a short message. You’re probably asking ‘is that it’ with a tone of disappointment, it’s basically just a picture message then? Snapchat is different though, in true Mission Impossible style, you set the image to self-destruct in 10 seconds.

Now you’re probably asking what’s the point in that? Why send a pic that they cannot keep? When a photo removes itself from the user’s screen, it is also removed from Snapchat’s servers, gone forever. This offers a greater level of privacy and gives people the confidence to be a bit more adventurous with their photos.

Sounds Familiar..

Taking an existing concept and adding privacy and usability, we’ve been here before haven’t we? Yes, put simply, Snapchat to picture messaging, is what Chatroulette was to webcaming . Browsing through 2010’s six month wonder today, you are met with page after page of masturbating middle agers; so Snapchat’s early tag as the sexting app is not entirely unjustified.

chatroulette funny

So What’s The Big Deal?

Unlike Chatroulette, you also cannot just turn up naked on anyone’s doorstep, they have to accept you as a friend first. This makes it a highly personal, exclusive but informal method of communication.

This cocktail has made it unique among social media. Snapchat may be too personal to host a stand-alone campaign, any large scale drive will be little more than glorified telemarketing; it can however, act as a great accessory to your other activities.


Working on a new product? Send a few pictures to your loyal fans asking for their opinion. Cheap, unscientific market research that creates buzz.

Like to offer discounts? Save some of your best offers for Snapchat, if they’ve accepted you as a friend, surely they’re one of your best customers?

Want a real brand ambassador? Encourage customers to snap pictures of them using your product, you can then share these via social media. Much cheaper than paying a model and photographer, and far more authentic.


Unlike Facebook which drowns its users in sponsored posts, Snapchat is still relatively ad-free. At the time of writing, you only receive snaps from people you want to. It’s a blank canvas then, unspoiled by over-commercialisation, with plenty of scope for creativity.

Like all social media, value is key. Engage don’t sell, give your loyal customers something they want. Please don’t be that guy that turns Snapchat into Facebook.

We want to hear what you’ve done with Snapchat, either comment below or get in touch.

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  1. Good points, you forgot one of the best things about Snapchat though, people don’t delete them! Although you r ad only gets a few seconds exposure, it’s almost guarenteed exposure.

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